Canva’s Bold New Chapter Will Transform Visual Communication

May 24, 2024 | Noticias

Launched in 2013, Canva is a free online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a wide array of templates—including presentations, documents, websites, social media graphics, posters, apparel, and videos—anyone can bring their ideas to life with ease. Canva’s extensive library of fonts, stock photography, illustrations, video footage, and audio clips makes it a go-to tool for creating stunning visuals. Canva’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable, boasting over 185 million monthly active users and annual revenue exceeding $2.3 billion. Since launching its workplace-focused Visual Suite, Canva has added more than 95 million users in just 18 months, a milestone that took nearly nine years to achieve previously. With 95% of Fortune 500 companies using its solutions, Canva has solidified its leadership in visual communication. At its first international Canva Create event held in Los Angeles, Canva announced a major platform overhaul, marking its most significant update in a decade. This event showcased innovative workplace products and services designed to revolutionize how millions of people work, emphasizing Canva’s ongoing commitment to democratizing design.


Addressing the Skills Gap in Design to Unleash a New Creative Era

Canva’s co-founder and CEO, Melanie Perkins, highlighted the growing need for visual content in today’s digital age and the challenges organizations face in managing this complexity. Perkins underscored Canva’s dedication over the past decade to making design accessible to everyone. Looking ahead, Canva aims to integrate design, AI, and workflow tools to benefit organizations of all sizes. According to Canva’s latest Visual Economy Report, 92% of business leaders now expect non-design employees to possess design skills. To bridge this gap, Canva has developed new products tailored for those without professional design training, empowering all users to create high-quality visual content.


A Redesigned User Interface

For the first time in ten years, Canva has completely overhauled its core product experience to foster creativity and productivity. The new user interface  features a streamlined editing experience, a customizable homepage, and simpler collaboration tools, all aimed at accelerating workflows and improving focus for users.


Expanding Canva’s AI Capabilities

Canva continues to advance its AI strategy with the expansion of Magic Studio. Since its launch in October 2023, Magic Studio has been used over 6.5 billion times. New capabilities include generating graphics from text prompts, improved AI design technology, and advanced photo editing features. Upgrades to video editing tools and enhanced voice features further enhance Canva’s robust AI offerings.


Introducing Canva Enterprise

Canva Enterprise is a subscription service designed for large organizations with complex security, reporting, administration, and brand management needs. This service enables companies to create large volumes of visual content and enhance internal collaboration with advanced admin controls and security features. Key features include scalable growth, IP consolidation, advanced brand controls, and enterprise-level security.



Tailored Tools for Every Department

Canva has introduced a range of tools specifically designed for various departments, including Marketing, HR, Sales, and Creative teams. These tools, part of the new Canva Work Kits, offer industry-curated templates that enable teams to scale their output efficiently. Work Kits can be customized and branded using Canva’s Brand Kit with just one click.


Enhanced Visual Suite and New Features

Canva’s Visual Suite has received several top-requested updates, such as suggested editing for Canva Docs, integration with major ad platforms like Amazon Ads, Google, and Meta, and data autofill capabilities. These updates are designed to streamline marketing workflows and improve collaboration across teams.


Affinity Integration and New Offerings

Following Canva’s acquisition of Affinity, the platform now offers advanced editing options for professional designers. Affinity v2.5 includes features such as variable font support, stroke width tool, and optimization for ARM64 chips, making it the first creative software with end-to-end native ARM support. In addition, eligible teachers, schools, and non-profits can join a waitlist to access Affinity for free. Canva Pro is already offered at no cost to schools and nonprofits, benefiting millions of students, teachers, and charities worldwide.


Canva’s bold new chapter promises to transform visual communication, making design accessible, efficient, and powerful for everyone. With its innovative updates and enterprise solutions, Canva continues to lead the way in visual design, empowering users to create stunning visuals with ease.

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