Experience with Novo Nordisk: Pharma Room

Mar 22, 2024 | Works

Designing new and engaging languages that fully encompass the evolution of the sector and drive toward its future developments to offer a new vision of the Pharma world: this has been the objective of the partnership between Dive and Novo Nordisk, a Danish multinational leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Together, we have ensured that innovation left the laboratories to become tangible and readily available for industry specialists.

At the foundation of everything was an idea that the convergence of cutting-edge technology and solid scientific credibility could spark a revolution in the pharmaceutical sector. Dive has given tangible form to this idea by developing Pharma Room.

A Room for Innovation

Pharma Room is a format conceived by Dive that uses advanced computer graphic techniques to enable doctors to interact with ongoing research data. This creates a genuine digital space where it’s possible to illustrate scientific studies and present results in a dynamic manner, with the help of 3D animations or augmented reality. This tool aims to make the exchange of information between industry professionals engaging and interactive.

Novo Nordisk has used this innovative tool to dedicate a discussion space for cardio-metabolic diseases, involving the sector’s leading figures and enabling them to share their expertise in a nimble way through the use of computer graphics.

Dive’s Tools for the Pharma Sector

The possibilities do not end here; we have condensed our expertise in innovation, imagining multiple interactions between traditional media and innovative technology. In this way, the complexity of science and research could be made accessible and interesting for a wide audience. Among the possibilities we offer are:

  • Web Series: the application of cinematic languages to the pharmaceutical sector could lead to the creation of web series that narrate, for example, a patient’s journey from diagnosis to homecoming, or the story of the discovery and development of a new pharmaceutical molecule. A format that could address a broad audience, including both professionals in the field and the general population.

  • Video Games: with the development of customized video games, we can support both diagnosis and therapeutic compliance, using advanced graphical interfaces and artificial intelligence-based algorithms. These games are primarily aimed at patients, providing an engagement tool and data collection for physicians and the marketing department.

  • Serious Games: the design of games for educational and informative purposes in the healthcare sector, from scientific research to health education and medical training, aimed at healthcare workers as well as patients.

  • Webinars & Talk Shows: thanks to cinematic studios equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, Dive can organize webinars and talk shows capable of being broadcast in streaming or live, aimed at doctors and professionals for educational updates and discussion on hot topics in the sector.

  • Digital Events: the planning of corporate multimedia events that take place in advanced cinematic studios. In this way, a selected audience of doctors would be involved, and the events would be broadcast live on various platforms.

  • 3D & Augmented Reality: Dive offers the possibility of using immersive technologies for the creation of content such as mini-documentaries, web series, and virtual meetings, aimed at education and training in the healthcare sector.

  • Virtual Reality: VR (virtual reality) is a real game changer in the field of medical training and patient treatment, as it can offer immersive and cutting-edge educational experiences.

Thanks to the collaboration with Novo Nordisk, Dive has acquired the essential skills to offer new tools to industry players to be protagonists in the evolution of the Pharma world. Whether it’s visualizing a patient’s healing journey or exploring the human body through virtual reality, the goal is clear: to use the latest technologies to improve education, understanding, and experience in the pharmaceutical sector.


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