Google’s AI Innovations Will Change Online Researches Forever

Mag 27, 2024 | Notizie

At the recent Google I/O event, the tech giant reaffirmed its commitment to leading the search engine market. Google announced the integration of Generative AI (Gen AI) into its search engine for users in the United States and the United Kingdom. This bold move signifies a direct challenge to Microsoft and OpenAI, aiming to expand AI Overviews to other countries and achieve a billion users by the end of the year. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Gemini model, Google’s new feature generates comprehensive search summaries alongside traditional link-based queries. This innovative approach not only provides potential answers and links for further reading but also tackles complex questions with multi-step reasoning in mere seconds.


Liz Reid’s Vision for AI-Powered Search


Liz Reid, Vice President and Head of Search at Google, addressed developers at Mountain View, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI-powered search. She described a future where users can rely on Google to handle all search needs, from simple queries to planning complex tasks. Reid highlighted Gemini’s multimodal abilities, combining advanced semantic search technologies to produce AI-organized results. With over 25 years of development, Google’s search engine continues to evolve, promising a near-autonomous system powered by a vast knowledge base.


AI Overviews and User Convenience


Google’s AI Overviews are designed to perform quick searches, providing users with accurate information rapidly. Reid explained that Google will handle searches, plan activities, and gather ideas, saving users time and effort. Testing has shown that links generated by AI Overviews receive more clicks compared to traditional search results. The new model maintains the presence of paid advertisements, clearly labeled to distinguish them from organic results.

Removing AI Hallucinations


Google is taking steps to manually remove bizarre responses generated by its new AI-based search tool. Social media is flooded with screenshots showing AI Overview suggesting absurd advice, such as putting glue on pizza o eating rocks. This chaotic launch has forced Google to disable AI Overview for certain searches as memes mocking the tool spread online. Despite a year of testing, the AI Overview feature, launched in beta in May 2023 as “Search Generative Experience,” has faced criticism. However, Google maintains that AI Overview provides mostly “high-quality information.” Spokesperson Meghann Farnsworth acknowledged some issues were due to unusual searches and manipulation, and confirmed that Google is taking immediate steps to address these problems and improve the system.


Future Developments: Enhancing User Experience

The global rollout of AI Overviews is just the beginning. Google plans to introduce additional features soon. Users will be able to customize AI-generated summaries based on their experience level, with options to simplify language or delve deeper into details. This feature, initially available for English queries in the U.S., will be particularly useful for users unfamiliar with a topic or for making information more accessible to children.


Advanced Multi-Stage Reasoning and Planning Capabilities

Gemini’s multi-stage reasoning abilities will help users answer increasingly complex questions without needing multiple queries. Users can ask comprehensive questions in a single query, ensuring no detail is missed. Google Search’s integrated planning features will soon assist with daily tasks, from meal planning to vacation organizing. Future expansions will include support for events, evening plans, and fitness routines, with easy export options to Google Docs or Gmail.


Visual Search with Video Queries

Exciting developments are also underway for visual searches. Users will soon be able to ask questions using videos, such as showing a malfunctioning electronic device. This feature, set to launch in the U.S. in the coming weeks, will be gradually extended worldwide, taking visual search to unprecedented levels.


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