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Mar 15, 2024 | Works

At Dive, we have always dreamed of creating experiences that go beyond the ordinary and embrace innovation, to offer unique and unforgettable moments. With this spirit, we welcomed the challenge launched by Infratel Italia: the gamification of a selection of works displayed at the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto – MarTA, using Li-Fi technology, a new way of transmitting information through light.

Our mission? To transform a museum visit into an extraordinary adventure, where the past dialogues with the future through the magical touch of technology. And so our journey began: we immersed ourselves in the depths of history, navigated through ancient legends, and let ourselves be inspired by the timeless beauty of the works preserved at the MarTA. Our compass? The passion to tell stories in new and surprising ways, and Li-Fi technology has been our faithful ally in this adventure.


The MArTA Museum LiFi app

The MArTA Museum LiFi app is the outcome of this vision: a collection of mini-games that invites visitors to become explorers and guardians of cultural heritage:

Bringing to Light: a memory game that challenges visitors to discover pairs of tiles within a limited time to reveal artifacts of inestimable value.
Illuminating Shadows: where visitors engage in a battle of wits against the computer in a tic-tac-toe game, illuminating, move after move, masterpieces hidden in the shadow until their complete revelation.
Unveil: an adventure that sees them wield a virtual torch to illuminate mysterious silhouettes, adjusting the light to discover the true colors of the artworks.

But the real beating heart of this experience is the Compendium: a digital treasure that is enriched with each completed game, opening a digital window onto new stories and details about the displayed artifacts.


A new kind of experience

At Dive, we believe that every day is an opportunity to amaze and inspire. Collaborating with Infratel Italia for this project at the MarTA has allowed us to demonstrate how technology, when guided by creativity and passion, can allow us to explore art and history like never before.

Visiting the MarTA, you will be guided by the light of knowledge through our games, and you will discover the past with the eyes of the future. Because at Dive, we do not just create games, we weave dreams where every stage is an adventure, every discovery a treasure. We look forward to sharing this magical experience with you.


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