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Apr 2, 2024 | Works

Combine the thrill of travel with the joy of cultural discovery through a revolutionary approach to tourism: the territory becomes a lively narrator of stories, forging a direct connection between its heritage and the curious visitors eager to explore it. This vision comes to life in the Belice Valley, a melting pot of history, mythology, and nature.

Collaboration and Innovation in the Heart of the Belice Valley

Thanks to Regione Sicilia and local administrations, we have used NextGenerationEU funds, together with the Municipality of Partanna, to enhance the rich heritage of history, art, culture, and traditions of the Belice Valley. This project also aims to revitalize the local economy and counter the depopulation of small centers. In the heart of a region inhabited since prehistoric times, home to archaeological sites like Selinunte and land art like Burri’s Grande Cretto, Travel Hero is born. This innovation combines augmented reality (AR) and gamification to reinvent how visitors interact with cultural heritage.

Immersive Virtual Experience

By downloading the Travel Hero app on smartphones or tablets, users access an AR map that virtually replicates real locations, enriched with interactive and immersive elements. Each point of interest on the map is a key experience: interactive activity, detailed information, or 3D virtual tours of the sites.

The user navigates the map with a personalized avatar, whose movements are synchronized via GPS in real-time, accurately reflecting in the virtual world what happens in the real one. This immersion surpasses traditional tourist visits and allows exploring places through the ages.



Challenges and Missions to Interact with the Past (and Beyond!)

With Travel Hero, historical figures of the Belice Valley come to life as NPCs (Non-Player Characters). Imagine walking through the ruins of an ancient temple and meeting a virtual guide who recounts the deeds of gods and heroes, enriching every visit with anecdotes and vivid history and cultural lessons. The app introduces missions and challenges that encourage users to actively and engagingly explore the territory. Each new discovery ties into the overall narrative, making learning a dynamic and interactive experience, also rewarded by the assignment of medals.
Users can share experiences, tips, emotions, and missions via the app’s integrated chat, enhancing the social aspect of exploration and creating a community of enthusiasts passionate about discovery and knowledge.

A Platform for Everyone

Travel Hero is designed for a broad audience: families looking for formative experiences, young adventurers, history and culture buffs seeking a deeper immersion, or simply the curious wanting to enrich their journey with deeper meanings.

The Ambition of Travel Hero

Travel Hero’s goal is ambitious and clear: to revolutionize the tourist experience, turning it into a fascinating adventure that stimulates interest in sites of historical, artistic, and cultural value. More than just an app, it’s a way to connect travelers with the community and cultural heritage of the Belice Valley, and potentially, other tourist areas ready to embrace this innovation.


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