AI Candidate Steve Joins UK Parliament Race

Jun 24, 2024 | News

In a groundbreaking development, artificial intelligence is poised to make a significant impact on the United Kingdom’s political scene. Next month, “AI Steve” will appear on the ballot for the general election, aiming to represent the Brighton Pavilion area in Brighton and Hove. This innovative approach could potentially revolutionize how politics operates, offering a glimpse into a future where technology and democracy seamlessly intertwine.

Meet AI Steve

AI Steve, an AI-powered avatar, is the creation of Sussex businessman Steve Endacott. While Endacott is the human candidate, he emphasizes that AI Steve will act as his co-pilot, guiding his political decisions based on constituents’ inputs. Endacott, who chairs Neural Voice—a company specializing in AI voice assistants—has introduced AI Steve as part of a suite of AI characters to showcase their technology.

How AI Steve Works

AI Steve provides voters with a unique opportunity to interact directly with their political representative. Constituents can engage with AI Steve on the campaign’s website, asking questions or sharing opinions on policies. Powered by a sophisticated language model, AI Steve responds with information drawn from a comprehensive database of the party’s policies. For issues lacking a predefined policy, AI Steve conducts internet research before encouraging voters to suggest potential policies.



Engaging with Voters

AI Steve aims to revolutionize voter engagement. For instance, when asked about Brexit, AI Steve responded, “As a democracy, the UK voted to leave, and it’s my responsibility to implement and optimize this decision regardless of my personal views on the matter. Do you have any thoughts on how Brexit should be managed in the future?” This interaction highlights AI Steve’s capacity to foster continuous dialogue with voters.

Endacott is also recruiting “validators“—individuals who represent the average voter, particularly those with long daily commutes. These validators score policies weekly, and any policy receiving over 50% approval becomes the official party stance. This system ensures that Endacott’s decisions reflect the electorate’s will.

A Modern Approach to Politics

Endacott, who previously ran unsuccessfully in a local election, believes AI Steve can address the limitations of traditional politics. Instead of door-to-door campaigning, AI Steve allows voters to engage at their convenience. This method respects voters’ time and encourages more frequent and meaningful interactions.

AI in the Political Arena

While AI Steve is an unprecedented candidate in the UK, AI technology has begun to permeate political campaigns globally. In Wyoming, a mayoral candidate proposed using an AI bot for decision-making, and in Denmark, a political party based on AI-derived policies emerged two years ago. These examples underscore a growing trend of incorporating AI into politics, aiming to enhance democratic processes.

The Vision Behind AI Steve

Endacott, identifying as a centrist and aligning closely with the Green Party, launched his own party, Smarter U.K. Unfortunately, the party wasn’t registered in time for the current election. His primary goal is to advocate for significant carbon emission reductions. Although he owns less than 10% of Neural River, the platform behind AI Steve, Endacott insists his motivations are driven by a desire for political and environmental change rather than business interests.

A Radical Shift

Endacott argues that AI Steve is not about replacing human politicians but about increasing public involvement in political decision-making. “It’s not AI taking over the world. It’s AI being used as a technical way of connecting to our constituents and reinventing democracy,” he stated. By enabling continuous voter input, Endacott hopes to create a more responsive and engaged political system.

As AI Steve prepares for the upcoming election, this innovative approach could potentially transform how politics operates, offering a glimpse into a future where technology and democracy intertwine seamlessly.

As AI Steve steps into the political arena, the integration of AI in politics marks a significant shift towards a more interactive and responsive democratic process. This innovative approach could redefine political engagement and decision-making, paving the way for a future where technology and politics coalesce to serve the public better.


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