Become a Comic Artist with Midjourney and ChatGPT

Jun 21, 2024 | In-depth

Creating a comic strip has never been easier, thanks to the innovative combination of Midjourney and ChatGPT. These powerful tools allow anyone, regardless of artistic ability, to produce stunning comic visuals. This guide will walk you through the steps to harness these technologies and bring your comic stories to life.


Starting Your Comic Creation Journey

Brainstorming with ChatGPT

To begin, access your ChatGPT account. This AI tool will help you brainstorm and flesh out your comic’s hero. Here are a few prompts to get started:

  • A male antihero with mind-reading abilities.
  • A female superhero with telekinesis.
  • A time-traveling superhero.

Type your chosen prompt into ChatGPT and let it generate a detailed backstory, including your hero’s abilities, weaknesses, and more.

Expanding Your Hero’s World

Next, use ChatGPT to expand on your hero’s universe. Provide prompts like:

  • Describe the world or city your hero lives in.
  • Outline the main challenge or villain your hero faces.
  • Introduce a plot twist that the reader will not expect.
  • Add a romantic subplot to add depth to your story.

These details will enrich your comic’s narrative, making it more engaging for your audience.


Creating Visuals with Midjourney

Logging into Midjourney

Now, switch gears to visual creation by logging into your Midjourney Discord account. Start a new chat or server where you will generate your comic strip images.

Uploading and Creating Images

You can begin by uploading an existing picture as a base image. Click the plus button, select your image, and hit enter. If you don’t have a specific image, Midjourney can create one using the character description provided by ChatGPT.

Generating Your Hero

In Midjourney, type /imagine followed by the copied link of your image or a detailed prompt about your hero. For example, you might use “female comic book hero…” and specify characteristics or artistic styles you prefer, such as those by a favorite comic artist.

Consistency with Seed Numbers

To maintain consistency in your comic, use the image’s seed number. React to the image with an envelope emoji to receive a direct message containing the job ID and seed number. Note this number for future prompts to ensure your characters look consistent across different panels.



Assembling and Finalizing Your Comic Strip

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

With your hero selected, continue to refine your comic strip. Use the /imagine command again, including the initial picture link, your prompt, and the seed number. This allows you to experiment with different camera angles, character expressions, and settings while keeping a consistent look.

Putting It All Together in Canva

Once you have all the images for your comic strip, log into Canva. Search for “comic strip” templates and open one that fits your needs. Upload your images and arrange them into your comic strip format.

Final Touches and Download

After formatting your comic strip to your liking, download it from Canva. You can now share your vibrant, engaging comic with the world.


The combination of ChatGPT and Midjourney offers an exciting new way to create comic strips, even for those who lack traditional artistic skills. By following these steps, anyone can produce a professional-quality comic that brings their stories to life with stunning visuals and engaging narratives. Embrace these tools and watch your creativity soar.


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