By 2033, General Artificial Intelligence Will Exist.

Oct 17, 2023 | In-depth, News

SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, recently sent shockwaves through the digital world at a company convention by announcing the expected emergence of General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) within the next 10 years. According to Son, this form of AI will have the potential to surpass human intelligence in nearly every field, boasting intelligence levels ten times greater than that of the entire human population. This will be achievable due to its capacity for autonomous learning, training, and reasoning, akin to human capabilities.

Son is renowned for his bold predictions about the future of technology, and this time around, he introduced a novel concept: “Super Artificial Intelligence,” anticipated to surface in approximately 20 years and destined to be a staggering 10,000 times more intelligent than humans.

Indeed, Son’s claims might appear astounding, but it’s essential to emphasize that SoftBank’s CEO has consistently proved himself as a visionary expert in the tech industry over the years. However, it’s also true that he has displayed an optimistic tendency regarding the impact of new technologies in the past and is not immune to errors.

Son has also encouraged Japanese companies to harness the opportunities presented by AI and has underscored the pivotal role that Arm, a chip manufacturer, will play in the artificial intelligence revolution. He commended the energy efficiency of Arm chips, asserting that they will increasingly power AI applications.

Furthermore, it has been announced that OpenAI is collaborating with the renowned Apple designer, Jony Ive, to create an AI akin to the iPhone. This project, funded by SoftBank, will be built on an ARM chip.

Despite the promising potential of artificial intelligence, numerous experts express concerns about the potential risks associated with this technology turning against humanity and exploiting its intellectual superiority to manipulate and harm us. The evolution of this AI and its implications for the future of humanity remains to be seen.

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