Microsoft Launches Copilot Bot on Telegram: A New AI Frontier

May 30, 2024 | News

Microsoft has unveiled the official Copilot bot on the widely used messaging app, Telegram. This innovative integration allows users to search, ask questions, and engage in conversations with the AI chatbot directly from their mobile or desktop devices. Currently in its beta phase, Copilot for Telegram is available for free, bringing a wealth of AI-powered capabilities right to the fingertips of Telegram users.


Getting Started with Copilot


Accessing the Copilot bot on Telegram is a breeze. Users simply need to search for the official Copilot Bot, easily identifiable by its checkmark and the username @CopilotOfficialBot. Once located, the bot will prompt users to share their Telegram phone number with Microsoft, a necessary step to start using the service. While this step might raise privacy concerns for some, especially given Telegram’s strong privacy policies, it’s essential for accessing the bot’s features.


Capabilities and Limitations


Copilot for Telegram is designed to assist with a variety of tasks through text-based interactions. Users can request movie recommendations, generate workout routines, get help with coding tasks, translate conversations, and quickly find facts on the internet. Despite these impressive capabilities, the bot has some limitations. It is currently restricted to text requests and cannot generate images. Additionally, there is a daily limit of 30 interactions, encouraging users to make each query count.

Comparisons with Other AI Integrations


Microsoft’s move to integrate Copilot into Telegram aligns with a broader trend among major tech companies. Meta, for example, has embedded Meta AI into its chat apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messaging. Similarly, Google offers its Gemini AI within Google Messages on Android devices. These integrations reflect a significant shift towards making AI assistance more accessible and convenient for everyday tasks.


Microsoft’s Expanding AI Ecosystem


The introduction of Copilot on Telegram is part of Microsoft’s larger strategy to expand its AI assistant offerings. The tech giant has been integrating Copilot across various platforms, including business applications and PCs. Notably, there is also Copilot for Microsoft 365, which offers enhanced features through a paid subscription of $20 per month, granting access to the latest AI models.

Microsoft’s Copilot for Telegram marks a significant step in making AI-driven assistance more widely available. While still in beta, the bot provides valuable functionalities for users seeking quick information and task automation through their favorite messaging app. As AI continues to evolve, integrations like these are set to become increasingly common, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology daily.


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