Will They, Won’t They? A rumored partnership between Apple and OpenAi

May 14, 2024 | News

Apple’s innovative strides in AI technology continue: it seems that Cupertino’s company is finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to bring some of its technology to the iPhone this year. Reports suggest that this collaboration could significantly enhance Siri’s capabilities, akin to Microsoft’s integration of ChatGPT with Windows Copilot. By potentially integrating OpenAI’s advanced models, Apple could offer its users revolutionary features across its device ecosystem.

The Future of iOS: Integration and Innovation

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg highlights potential profound impacts on iOS from Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI. The upcoming iOS 18 might include enhanced AI functionalities, with possibilities ranging from a dedicated ChatGPT app to a complete overhaul of Siri using OpenAI’s technology. Apple aims to blend these innovations with its proprietary tech to enhance user experience while maintaining control over its services.

This partnership might mark a pivotal shift in consumer tech, significantly enhancing Siri’s functionality and setting the stage for future innovations. Apple’s integration of sophisticated AI could redefine user interactions, bolster privacy, and advance technology integration.


A very strange coincidence

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that OpenAI launched the new update of its platform, GPT 4o, just before the official presentation of Apple’s new operating system scheduled for June 10th, during WWDC. GPT-4o, promises faster response times and enhanced capabilities, including voice mode improvements and image understanding. This model is set to democratize sophisticated AI features, potentially integrating deeply with Apple’s iOS 18.

OpenAI’s Native Mac App

Although, for now, the integration of ChatGPT into iOS 18 is unofficial news, the relationship between the two giants already seems to be heading towards an important collaboration: a new Mac app by OpenAI is set to improve accessibility for macOS users, offering advanced features tailored to enhance the user experience significantly. This development might run parallel to the rumored Apple-OpenAI collaboration, with Apple continuing to advance its AI technology independently.


“Crush!” the Ad that Outlines our Fears

As the tech community eagerly anticipates these developments, the integration of OpenAI’s advanced models with Apple’s robust ecosystem, the iPad Pro’s new advertisement, titled “Crush!“, has sparked significant controversy: the video shows musical instruments, books, cameras, sculptures, and more being crushed by a massive press, leaving only a thin tablet. The ad aimed to showcase how an iPad can consolidate numerous tools into a compact device, however, the destruction of items like pianos and guitars has drawn criticism from designers, actors, and artists, as they has viewed the ad as symbolizing the annihilation of their work and tools traditionally used for creative expression.

A new step toward acceptance and evolution

A strong reaction highlights how the technological revolution sparked by generative artificial intelligence, which threatens to replace many professions—especially those in the film, music, and television industries—is viewed with suspicion and even fear by many. These concerns must be heard and, if possible, addressed: human creativity cannot be replaced. Instead, we should learn to use technology to support and expand its reach. Making OpenAI available on Apple devices could be a step forward in embracing technological development with confidence.


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