iOS 18, an overview of the Apple Intelligence features

Jun 12, 2024 | News

Apple has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in personal technology: Apple Intelligence. This new system seamlessly integrates generative models with personalized context, bringing a whole new level of intelligence to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. This article explores the exciting features and capabilities that Apple Intelligence brings, setting a new standard for privacy and AI technology.


A New Era of Personalized AI

Apple Intelligence marks a significant advancement in AI technology by combining generative models with personal context. This fusion delivers highly relevant and useful intelligence to users, embedded deeply into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. Leveraging Apple silicon, this system can understand and create language and images, perform actions across apps, and streamline daily tasks. The introduction of Private Cloud Compute ensures that computational processes remain private and secure, shifting seamlessly between on-device processing and larger server-based models running on dedicated Apple silicon servers.


Enhanced Language Capabilities

Apple Intelligence enhances user communication with innovative language tools. The systemwide Writing Tools, available across iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, offer features such as rewriting, proofreading, and summarizing text. Users can refine class notes, craft the perfect email, or polish a blog post with ease.

  • Rewrite: Offers alternative versions of text, allowing users to adjust the tone and style to suit different audiences and purposes.
  • Proofread: Checks grammar, word choice, and sentence structure, suggesting edits that can be reviewed or accepted quickly.
  • Summarize: Provides concise summaries of selected text in various formats, including paragraphs, bullet points, tables, or lists.

Priority Messages and Notifications

Managing emails and notifications is more efficient with Apple Intelligence. The Mail app now features Priority Messages, highlighting urgent emails at the top of the inbox. Summaries of emails and smart reply suggestions make handling correspondence quicker and more intuitive. Additionally, Priority Notifications and the new Reduce Interruptions Focus feature help users stay focused by surfacing only the most important alerts.


Audio Transcription and Summarization

In the Notes and Phone apps, users can now record, transcribe, and summarize audio. During calls, participants are notified when a recording starts, and Apple Intelligence generates a summary of the conversation once the call ends, making it easier to recall key points discussed.


Creative Tools for Fun and Expression

Apple Intelligence also introduces exciting new creative tools:

  • Image Playground: Users can create fun images in seconds, choosing from Animation, Illustration, or Sketch styles. Integrated into apps like Messages, this tool allows users to experiment with different concepts and styles on-device.
  • Genmoji Creation: Users can create personalized emojis, or Genmoji, by simply typing a description. These can be shared inline in messages or as stickers, adding a unique touch to conversations.

Advanced Photo and Video Management

Searching for specific photos and videos is now more intuitive with natural language queries. Users can find particular moments in videos and utilize the new Clean Up tool to remove distracting objects from photos. Memories can be crafted into engaging storylines with Apple Intelligence, which arranges selected photos and videos into movies with a narrative arc, complete with song suggestions from Apple Music.

Siri’s New Capabilities

Siri, powered by Apple Intelligence, offers a richer and more contextually aware experience. Users can type or speak to Siri, switching seamlessly between modes. Siri’s new design features a glowing light around the screen’s edge, enhancing visual appeal. It can perform numerous actions across apps, making it easier to manage tasks and retrieve information.

Privacy at the Core

Apple Intelligence sets a new benchmark for privacy in AI. Many of its features run entirely on-device, ensuring user data remains private. For more complex tasks, Private Cloud Compute utilizes Apple silicon-powered servers, ensuring that data is never retained or exposed. Independent experts can inspect the code, and cryptographic measures guarantee that devices only communicate with verified servers.

Integration with ChatGPT

Apple is integrating ChatGPT across iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. Siri can now access ChatGPT’s expertise to assist with various tasks, from meal planning to generating bedtime stories. Users can utilize ChatGPT’s image tools and writing assistance, all while maintaining privacy protections.

Apple Intelligence represents a significant leap forward in AI technology, bringing personalized, secure, and highly functional intelligence to Apple devices. From enhancing communication and managing daily tasks to fostering creativity and ensuring privacy, and sets a new standard for what users can expect from their technology.


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